Friday, August 17, 2012


Basketball started in the 1903. Basketball is one of the most famous Olympic games in the world. We all know that basketball is - the best event of all.

In each game there are 5 players on a court with only 40 minutes per game. In the game you have to shoot within 24 seconds or lose possession. Did you know that the hoop is 10 feet above the court? The most famous players in the world the Americans.

Oh Kobe Bryant hit the three point oh and it was an in. The Americans scored a few points and they shot three a few times. They try hard to win the competition and they always try their best and have a gold medal for themselves. Oh another three from the heat and that the full game oh yes they have won the competition. THE END.


The NZ Olympic Team.

Idea 1.
Good, Fast, brave and teamwork
Idea 2.
Colors,who  made them and
Idea 3.
Boot,Socks,Short and
T Shirt.
NZ team win next time.
I could be in the team.

The NZ soccer team are good at playing soccer because they work as a team and never give up. They are also clever. Dakota Lucas passed the ball to Kosta Barbarouses and he ran as fast as he could for a goal.

But the unlucky part is that the other team snapped the ball from Kosta Barbarouses and ran for their goal. The boy from the other team scored a point and the people went wild screaming, “Goal goal goal!” Dakota Lucas tried his best to win for NZ.

Dakota Lucas and Kosta Barbarouses were trying and trying to win one goal. They never got one single goal to go in but they did not give up. The NZ team lost their game but the NZ people were still proud of them. Well done, Good game.

Tug of war.

Tug of war.
This year has finally come for room 6 is fighting for victims. This could be it for room 6. Go room 6! Fight and win the competition. The Saint Pius X School captains name is Ascott Mafi. He is so proud of the Saint Pius X Catholic School for trying. Well done!

Oh no! The Catholic team is out of control. Keep trying Saint Pius you can do it. The Catholic team is so tired and now they are losing. Come on room 6 fight. Do this for all the Catholic Schools.

Yes they are back on - room 6 is fighting. Pull and pull to win. Thank you God for the gift you have given to the Saint Pius X School. Well done room 6.
We have won the gold medal. Well done! Well done!  


Friday, August 10, 2012

Dakota Lucas

 Dakota Lucas.
Dakota Lucas is an Olympic athlete. He has black eyes he is also handsome. Dakota Lucas plays soccer and he is trying to win an Olympic gold medal. He is representing his own country New Zealand.
He also trained for the Olympic soccer game. He tries and tries to represent his own country for good. Now he has done the right thing and moved on. He is 21 years old.

He will be the brightest soccer player in the future. And I hope that he will win the Olympic soccer game and win a gold. He plays for his country New Zealand so I hope that Dakota Lucas will win 1000 golds medals.